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26 June 2018
In  July 2015 I part exchanged my Tiger 1200 Explorer for a new Tiger 800 XCx.  Naturally I started making modifications and
bolting on extras so I created this site.  I sold my Tiger 800 XCx  in February 2018.
I rode 15,000 miles, had the 3 services,  fitted a Puig Touring Screen, GPS mount, Clock, Handlebar bag, Lower Suspension
Links, Fender Extender, Rear Mudflap, Larger Front Sprocket, Brake & Clutch Levers, Home made Crash Bungs, Headlamp
Protector, Heated Grips, Aluminium Panniers, Top-Box, converted my wheels to Tubeless....the list goes on.....
To date I have toured the Baltics - Holland, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Southern Sweden, Denmark back to
Germany and Holland.  I have also ridden the Adventure Country Tracks (ACT) off-road trail from North to South Portugal
returning through Spain via Gibralta. Plus Wales 3 times, the Scottish Borders and the Lake District.
My new Tiger 800 XCx and I outside Webbs
More photos of my new Tiger 800 XCx.
Honister Pass in Lake District - The 800 Tiger is ideal
At Morston Quay, Norfolk
1250km Off Road in Portugal
The Tiger 800 XCx benefits from hi quality
White Power suspension.  The suspension
travel front and rear matches KTM Adventure R
bikes which also use White Power.
I created this site in 2004 with Yahoo Sitebuilder (Now sold on to Aabaco), I still use Sitebuilder but for the last 10 years there has been a bug in my site .  If I make a change to the Toolbar
Sitebuilder will randomly delete text from site pages.  I split my site into sub domains and I have more or less eradicated the bug which I now know is caused by the Advanced Navigation Bar
Editor.  If a text box contains gibberish it is not my fault.  I would not recommend Sitebuilder, unfortunately I am stuck with it.