Triumph Tiger 800 - Tyres
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My Tiger XCx was supplied with new Bridgestone Battle Wing Tyres, in the dry the Battle Wings were surprisingly good, in the wet they are OK. In May 2016 I had to change my
tyres but which tyre to chose?  Hmmmm.  The 21 inch front wheel is a limiting factor.  Below are the main options ignoring no-name brands and cruiser tyres.  My preference
was the new
Dunlop TrailSmart's because I preferred Dunlop RoadSmarts for my 1050 & 1200 buying 5 sets in total.   I also considered Bridgestone Battle Wings, Pirelli
Scorpion Trail IIs and Continental Trail Attack 2s.

Before making a final choice I spent many hours reading manufacturers websites, user reviews, magazine reviews, You-tube etc I decided on
Dunlop TrailSmart's however
after 6000 miles I am not so keen on them
.  The front has a good profile but the rear tyre is very rounded so I always had chicken strips, even when touching the pegs down.  
These tyres are terrible when crossing raised white lines, very unsettling.  The grip in the wet and dry is good but no better than the Battle wings.  I would swap back to the Battle
Wings if I had a choice but Bridgestone no longer make the same tyre.

In 2017 I fitted Continental TCX70's and they are brilliant tyres.  I have ridden 6,000 miles including a tour of Holland, Germany, Poland and the Baltic states, ridden the length
of  Portugal off road and back the length of Spain via Gibralta.  A great tyre on dry roads, on wet roads and on dry dusty off road trails. I love them.
Distanza AM43
Gripster AM24
Road Rider AM26
Battle Wing BW501/502
Trail Wing TW47
Continental  TKC70
Trail Attack 2
Trail Max
Trail Smart
Tourance Next
Enduro 3 Sahara
Anakee III
Scorpion Trail
Scorpion MT90
Scorpion Trail II
Trail Rider
Continental TKC90