Triumph Tiger 800 - Trips Planned 2016
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In 2016 I rode Wales in March with the BigTrailBike club.  I had to cancel the trip to Scotland in May due to heavy snow fall.  I don't
mind riding up roads in snow it is riding down the other side that causes all the accidents.

I am semi retired, unfortunately (or is it fortunately) in 2016 I was working all summer so I missed out on all sorts of long trips
which was very frustrating.
Me with my Tiger on a Trail in Wales overlooking Barmouth.  Lovely October day.  The Tiger XCx performs well as long as I use
the Off Road engine map, this reduces interference from  traction control and permits me to lock the rear brake.  If I leave my
Tiger in the Road map it will not climb on gravel or mud because Traction Control cuts in too early.  There were some serious
rocks, ruts, steps and puddles to be overcome and a friend on his KTM990 fell off big time.  Of course if you read what journalists  
say you cannot take a Tiger off road, you need a 258kg GS Adventure, which is what BMW pay them to say.  There are some great
You Tube videos of Tiger 800s being ridden well off road.