Triumph Tiger 800 - Soft Panniers
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For my 2017 Adventure Country Tracks trip to Portugal I wanted to fit some soft panniers because they are light, damage resistant and will protect the
Tiger if I had a small incident off road..
First I fitted some Cruiser brackets from eBay £20. I made spacers on my lathe for the top mounts
Then I zip tied on some 3mm thin plywood to act as
backing and as a heat shield
Finally the Fabric Panniers were fitted over the wood (The cost me £20). These are installed with the Velcro straps supplied
and extra zip ties.  I melted holes in the bags with a soldering iron to pass my zip ties through.  The bags hold 15 L each, 20 L
if expanded, they are not waterproof so I use an Ortleib canoe bag as an inner bag.