Adrian's Triumph Tiger 800 - Screen Options
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The day I purchased my new Tiger 800XCx I fitted a clear Puig Touring Screen.  The standard Triumph screen is quite good
but it is low and distant and there is no adjustment.  I cover high miles and my test of a good screen is:-
1. I can see over it.  
2. It will not allow bugs to hit my visor.  
3. There is minimal wind noise.  
4. When I duck down slightly at speed there is no change in wind noise.  
5. When I sit normal then raise slightly at speed the buffeting increases.  
All this means I have found the sweet spot .  I am also realistic, this is a motorcycle, there is always wind and buffeting,
especially in cross winds,  no screen is perfect,  it is all about finding an acceptable compromise.
Puig Screen vs standard Triumph screen - This picture
is taken from WWW. The Puig screen is 4" or 100mm
taller, it is wider and I think it looks better
The Puig Screen comes with metal brackets to replace the OEM
plastic brackets and it offers screen adjustment.   I replaced the
nuts supplied by Puig with locking nuts and I fitted them with
Some of the other screen options I considered and rejected
Givi Adjustable