Triumph Tiger 800 - SatNav - GPS
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This steel GPS Bracket from Square Deals is well
made and very easy to fit. Fitting requires drilling 2
small holes in the hinged front screen mount.
I had to build 2 new "Bus Shelters" for my SatNav of choice.  
Previously I have used Perspex however Perspex is heavy and the
glue does not bond very well as a result I have had problems with
parts coming unstuck if I accidentally knock them.  So this time I am
using lightweight ply, 5mm back and 2mm sides all firmly epoxied
together. I waterproofed with wood treatment then covered in Carbon
Fibre effect Fablon.  Can be used a buoyancy aids!
My XCx Tiger on day 1.  I fitted the Puig Screen and my new GPS Bracket together with one of my new wooden GPS holders
designed for my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 phone.  The Note 4 makes a great day to day GPS as long as it is not raining too hard
In the short term to charge GPS on the move I purchased a
twin socket
USB charger which plugs into the DIN socket.
This is my setup for listening to GPS and Music. A Samsung
HS3000 Bluetooth receiver
, my Audio Technica ANC 33 noise
cancelling headphones
(Note Epoxy putty repair where I
accidentally pulled the lead out).  These are both attached by
Velcro to the slimmest rechargeable battery I can find on eBay.  
The ANC33's will last 30 hours on a single AAA Battery.  The
HS3000 will last 6 hours on a charge so for long days in the
saddle I need to recharge on the move by connecting the
external battery.  This solution will last 4 whole days of riding
before a recharge is required.
Longer term I like to hardwire in 12v power for my GPS, phone etc.  The option on the
left I have been using for 3 years.  The next two are suitable replacements, all from eBay.
Leather gloves are not much use with touch screens.  I have tried special
screen contact paint on my gloves but it is not very effective.  So I buy a
cheap rubber tipped stylus and wire it to my bike