Triumph Tiger 800 - Holan Nomada Panniers
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I have fitted the Nomada Panniers I took off my Tiger Explorer.  Nomada make some pannier brackets for the Tiger 800 but I
prefer to make my own brackets to fit my panniers as close to the centreline of the bike as possible.  First I fitted a slim high
level Leo Vince Evo II silencer (See my 800  Exhaust Page).  
Below is the look I am desperate to avoid (Givi).  I hate wide pannier setups with a vengeance.  I seen other
riders have many near misses and the odd collision. (GS1200s, GS800 and KTM990s have even wider
pannier setups, it's like riding a two wheel motorhome). In the UK and most of Europe motorcycles are
allowed to filter between traffic so narrow panniers are a big advantage.
My Nomada Panniers seen here fitted to my Tiger 800.  Nice and slim, only 79cm wide which is narrower than the handlebars.
To achieve this there is a cutaway in the R/H pannier to fit snugly round the Evo 2 silencer,
The standard Nomada Brackets
are designed to take account of
the big, wide, standard exhaust.  
I can do better?
I fabricated two pannier brackets.  
The rear  mount is 16mm closer to the
centreline hence the odd shape.  This mount
will be permanently bolted to the pannier.
I want the lid of the pannier to be level with
the pillion seat and the pannier is mounted
as far forward as I can get without fouling the
pillion foot rest.
I made a cutaway to the inside of the R/H
pannier to allow it to fit snug round my Leo Vince
silencer.  I fabricated a curved panel filler from
2mm aluminium.  Tricky for an HR Director!  I
then fitted Self Adhesive Heat Reflecting  
Material. I only lose around 2-3 litres of space.
To supplement my upper pannier mounts I created a lower front mount. The two
white nylon spacers slip into the 2 open tubes under the Pillion footrest so I now
have lateral stability without drilling any extra holes in the frame.