Triumph Tiger 800 - Modifying the Gearing
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One downside to the Tiger 800 is the fact it needs to rev.  There is plenty of mid range from the 800 engine.  I weigh
12.5st (75Kgs) and I only ride solo so I have raised the gearing by replacing the standard 16 tooth front sprocket with a 17 Tooth
Fitting a Renthal 17t sprocket only costs £15 from eBay.
The difference this makes while riding on the road can certainly be felt.  Switching from 16t to 17t raises the gearing by 6% but
the seat of the pants feel I get when riding is more pronounced.  My Tiger definitely seems more relaxed.  In top gear at 60 mph I
can still twist my wrist and overtake 3 cars in the blink of an eye with minimal effort required, so the 800 engine has no problem
coping with taller gearing.  If I rode with a pillion and full luggage I would probably stick the 16t sprocket back on.  My current car
is a Volvo XC60 which has an 8 speed automatic gearbox, car makers are now providing really tall gears for crusing with
economy. Why do bike manufacturers not offer an extra tall top gear?
I am so envious of Australian and US riders who have to gear their XC's down because they spend so much time riding off road.
New Renthal 17t Sprocket, quite easy to fit. Finished result meant winding the rear
chain adjusters in 11 flats.
TIP: The sprocket nut on all the Triumphs I have owned is 36mm.  Same size as a VW
Beetle hub nut this means 36mm Sockets are easy to find on eBay.  An air powered
impact wrench will easily remove the nut, otherwise put the Tiger into 1st gear and have
someone stand on the rear brake while you undo the nut with a long bar.