Triumph Tiger 800 - Extras 2
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I bought some 50mm plastic bar and some 8mm studding to fabricate my own Crash Bungs for the front and rear wheels.  An
hour or two working a lathe is perfect relaxation for an HR Director.  Great fun and very rewarding.  The rear Crash Bungs also
serve to ensure the wheel nut stays tight.  Years ago I had a wheel nut fall off my XR600 on an MX track, not nice.
I have fitted Symtec heated grip pads, and Pro-Grip 801's. I
used this same setup on my Tiger 1050 and 1200. Behind
the LH Rad Panel there is a 2 pin connector for heated
grips, power only occurs when the ignition is on and the
engine is running.  Unlike the early 800 there is no relay
required on the 2015 800 so plumbing into the Tiger wiring
is relatively easy. I fitted a rubber cover for the toggle switch.
I have plumbed in my
Keis Heated Jacket.  I
have also bought a
remote Bluetooth
so I can vary the
temperature from the
 One of my
best buys for winter
I used a Camelbak for many years but I am fed up with carrying 2 kgs
of water on my back.  So I purchased a cheap Camelbak copy from
eBay and I attach it to the fuel tank, a great accessory for long trips.  I
have travelled 10,000 miles with this drinking system
Triumph always supply big, awkward levers that are not well matched.  The adjustment on the clutch side is less than the brake
side.  I purchased some cheap
Brake and Clutch Levers from China through eBay.  Lovely CNC machining, great quality for
£16.99p.  Come on Triumph, get a grip, change your supplier, I have had to upgrade all 4 of my Tigers
When my levers arrived I discovered a problem, the XC"x" has a micro switch on the clutch side for disengaging Cruise Control,
my levers did not have a raised boss to connect to the micro switch.  So I spent 2 hours in the garage and fabricated a bracket
which I bolted and glued in place.  I love this sort of problem solving.
Pro-Grip 801's nice thin, soft, sticky grips