Triumph Tiger 800 - Extras 1
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I purchased my new Tiger 800XCx in July 2015 - Extras added
Two of my Extras are show below.  I find the clock
in the standard instruments hard to read so I
Velcro a cut down  
Waterproof Watch to the top
To charge GPS on the move I purchased a
Socket USB charger
which plugs into the
Tiger's DIN socket.
My Wunderlich Bar Bag is attached to the bars
on my XCx by Velcro straps.  It is not waterproof.
Great for storing toll tickets, toll money, credit
cards, camera, wallet, specs etc.  I find it
reassuring to have valuable items in plain site. I
can place my phone inside to charge on the
move. Easy to detach when I park up.
I managed to obtain the perfect Registration Number
from the DVLA for my 800 XCx
I have made a Rear Mudflap from an A4
sheet of 4mm rubber and hung it just in front
of the rear tyre to protect the rear shock.  A
similar setup worked well on my Explorer. As a
bonus mud cannot stick to the rubber due to
I fitted must trusty old 30L Top-Box which cost me £15 in 2003.  First  had to remove the curved
OEM plastic rack/ cover, this gave me 4 threaded holes to bolt down to but the two rear holes are
at a different height.  I built a mount from 5mm plywood (Double thickness for rear mounts) then
bolt down through it.  There is a neat little boot space under the wood. I store my 12v Compressor
here accessed when the pillion seat is removed.
Front Fender Extender.  I travel many miles in
all weathers fitting one of these really does help
keep the engine clean and protects the Tiger's
finish from stone chips.
I have transferred the Headlamp Protector from my Explorer.  
I bought this at the NEC show in 2013, it is held on with small
Velcro pads.  I remove it if I travel at night.  The twin dip/main
lights on the Tiger 800 are as good as car headlamps when
night riding.