Triumph Tiger 800 - Tuning - Exhaust
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After much deliberation I decided to fit a Leo Vince Evo2 Stainless Silencer.  Why the Evo2?  Well I like the look of the silencer,
it is slim - only 110mm wide, cost was less than £270 and I really like the double mounting bracket.  The mounting will provide
extra strength which is important on a bike that will travel off road and occasionally bottom out.  I also like the fact I can use
spacers on the double mount to fit the silencer closer to the frame because I planned to fit the Nomada Panniers I took off my
Tiger Explorer.   My new Leo Vince silencer arrived well packaged and it is well made.  I had wondered if early Tiger 800
Exhausts will fit a 2015 XCx, on the invoice Leo Vince list the link pipe as specific to the Tiger 800 2015 XCx model, this implies
that the dimensions are different from early Tiger 800s.  
My Dyno runs were booked for 6 October 2015 but my rear ABS Sensor played up preventing me from switching off Traction
Control. The sensor was replaced under warranty,
Dyno testing was completed on 27 Oct 15.  I measured full and part throttle
with both my Leo Vince and the standard silencer.  
Why use the optional Arrow map?  Will I make some air-box mods? See my Tuning Summary and Tuning Air-box pages.
I think the Leo Vince Evo2 looks great on my Tiger, I went for the stainless option.  As a nice touch when the exhaust heats up the link pipe changes from bright silver and darkens to match
the standard Triumph down pipes.  Leo Vince provide machined aluminium mounts to replace the rubber mounts used by Triumph, they also supply a 20mm spacer.  I decided to fit the Evo2
as close to my bike as possible.  I re-used the Triumph rubber mounts and I left the 20mm spacer out.  This means my Nomada panniers can sit nearer the centreline which is great.
I have run my Tiger without the DB killer, the exhaust is definitely louder and deeper, not too bad but I do not like noisy bikes.  The DB killer extended 120mm into the silencer, I cut 110mm off
and my shortened DB Killer is going back in permanently.  I took my Tiger with the Evo2 + Arrow Tune on a long trip round the Lake District.  The Exhaust is louder (and nicer) when
accelerating, on the cruise the sound is muted, not too much droning.  Performance was good and the fuelling seemed OK.  As a bonus my Tiger is now much harder to stall.  Acceleration
from 2,000 revs in any gear is more rapid and I have no popping or banging on the over-run. Fueling may be a bit more fluffy below 2,000 revs but nothing to worry about.  Overall my Tiger 800
XCx is great to ride with the Evo2 + Arrow tune.
My only moan is that the 8mm nuts supplied are not self locking.  The Leo Vince has Carbon hangers which can easily be crushed if the fittings are overtightened.  So IMO self locking nuts +
threadlock are essential.
From the rear with the Evo2 fitted my Tiger 800 appears much slimmer. Top right of my numberplate is now melting nicely
Comparing both
silencers the Evo2 is
about half the volume
and 2kg lighter.  
The Evo 2 is a
substantial silencer but
so much slimmer than
stock and it tucks up
close to the frame.